July: Life Update

This little guy has nothing to do with this post, but puppy picture > no picture.

Hi there! I just wanted to pop on here and give a quick life update (but actually, I’m really just avoiding packing, even though I leave in 3ish hours).

I only have five more days left in California! I’m leaving tonight for a quick trip to the PNW. I don’t really have much planned for this trip, other than spending time with my brother, the usual visit to Fran’s, and Pike Place Market.

After I get back, I have a few days to pack up my car with my life possessions to leave for med school!!! We’ll (my mama and I) be stopping at Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, and St. Louis (among other places). One of my college friends (who I haven’t seen since we graduated) will be in Santa Fe the same weekend, so hopefully I can see her!

Other notable things for this month: I got a haircut a week ago (I only get my hair cut once a year, so it’s always a stressful/exciting ordeal). I personally think I look better (and older) with shorter hair and hopefully, people (aka, the well-meaning elderly) will stop asking me if I’m in high school. Thanks to my parents, I also got a new-to-me Subaru, since my current car (a Prius) isn’t the best for cold/snowy weather.

Back to school haircut!

That being said, I’m still semi-freaked out with all the stuff I have yet to do. At this point, I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll have a minimally furnished apartment. I’m bringing my desk and chair from home, as well as two bookshelves (assuming they all fit in my car). I’m planning to order my mattress and bedframe after I get back from my trip, so it’ll arrive on the same day as my move-in. I also have a few days to get settled before orientation, so I’m trusting/hoping I have time to figure things out, furniture and life-wise.

Here’s some of the things I need to figure out:
-How many books can I check-out from the university’s library? Do they have an inter-library loan system? (Note: probably the most important question.)

-Are there good running trails nearby?

-Where will I practice yoga? Which studios are closest to me and do they offer classes at convenient times everyday?

-Should I buy a sofa bed from Ikea for $288 or wait to see what shows up on Facebook marketplace?

-What should my realistic monthly budget be?

-What am I wearing to my White Coat Ceremony?

I’m still debating if I want to get a new phone and/or laptop, but I may be falling for perceived obsolescence. At the same time, I’m worried that one (or both) of them will stop working during my first semester. I suppose that’s something I can deal with, if that happens.

Currently reading lots of Mary Oliver books.

Other than that, my days have been filled with lots of reading (stay tuned for my “Books I Read in July” post), occasional baby-sitting, yoga (both vinyasa and restorative practices), spending time with family/friends, and journaling. I’ll definitely miss having all this free-time, but I’m really excited for my road trip and to start med school!

3 thoughts on “July: Life Update

  1. First, let me says congratulations on Med School! That’s amazing! I’m sure you will do fine. All the questions you have are normal. I’ve been freaking out about having to take a certain class this fall semester & hoping I like my new school…it’s huge compared to my old one lol.
    Secondly, your hair looks so good! You look great 😄. I’ve also felt that short hair makes me look a tad older but maybe that’s just me lol.
    Good luck with everything!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you validating my thoughts. 🙂
      Best of luck with your new school!

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