What my life looks like lately

Before I started medical school, I wish I knew that my schedule would be different week by week. It’s hard to make a daily routine when your schedule is constantly changing.

I’m still experimenting with what works for me.

As of now, I still go to lecture (attendance isn’t mandatory at my med school) and I’ve been trying to set aside time each day for self-care. Today, that was running in the morning, reading for a few minutes, and practicing yoga in the afternoon. On other days, self-care is taking a nap and/or going to bed at 9, instead of 10.

Here is what my day looked like today.

5AM: Alarm goes off. Slightly confused as to where my weekend went.
Is it really Monday?

5:15 AM: Actually get out of bed.

 Head to the gym downstairs.

5:20-5:55AM: Run, run, run. I was tempted to bring my notes to multi-task, but decided against it.

5:55-6:05AM: Shower

6:05-6:15AM: Make coffee, empty dishwasher.

6:15-6:30AM: Quick breakfast (hard boiled eggs that I made the night before plus some veggies) while glancing at my schedule.

Everything I was carrying around today: yoga mat, laptop, iPad, chargers, change of clothes, 20 markers, notebook, lunch, water bottle, etc.

6:30-7:15AM: Review notes, debate on whether I want to go to yoga today at 5. Pack lunch (leftovers from last night) and a few snacks. Decide to go to yoga, even if that meant lugging around my yoga mat the entire day. Since I have anatomy lab, I head to class in scrubs, but bring a change of clothes for OPP lab later in the day.

7:15-7:35AM: Read for a bit. I’m currently finishing up Calypso by David Sedaris.
Start writing this post on my phone.

7:35-7:45AM:  Walk to lecture with a friend who lives on the same floor as me.

8-8:50AM: Anatomy lecture! We’ve been covering development and today, we focused on abdominal organs. It’s definitely not as complicated as embryogenesis, but still challenging in its own way.

9-12ish: Head to anatomy lab downstairs. For the most part, I enjoy anatomy lab, except when one of the professors come around to quiz us. I know they do this to teach and help us understand innervations, etc, but I always get stressed when I get a question wrong or don’t know something.

12-12:50PM: Attended a lunch lecture given by a fourth year med student. Yay for extra credit!

1-3:30PM:  OPP (Osteopathic Principles and Practice) lecture and lab. I got to use a reflex hammer for the first time!

3:30-5PM: My OPP partner and I walk over to the computer lab to study, study, study. I listen to a podcast for tomorrow and go over some of the notes from today.

5-6PM:  Yoga! My medical school has a yoga instructor come to our building once a week, so that makes it convenient.

6-7PM: Eat dinner while watching a podcast for my Introduction to Clinical Medicine class tomorrow. Take notes on working from a “patient-centered framework.”

7-8PM: Finish videos.

8-9PM: I’m meeting with one of the anatomy professors tomorrow, so I finished the list of questions I have for her. I have five lectures tomorrow, so I’m downloading the lecture slides on to my iPad. I’ve been pre-reading/skimming the lectures the night before and that’s been really helpful. Finish writing this post.

9-10PM: Finish going over the anatomy lecture notes and slides from today.

10-10:30PM: Bed time! I’m exhausted, so I don’t think I’ll read before bed tonight.

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